Statuatory Compliances

Compliance is an ever – changing scenery that requires expert alertness to exercise through. Not to worry, we are the best navigational guides in the industry.
• Access to regional and local expertise
• Assured ethical practices with strict timeline adherence
• Centralized error free data that is readily available
• Professional support during inspections and audits resource deployment.

Other Features

Employee Query Management

Our unique query management tool within our ESS portal allows your employees to raise and clarify any queries they might have; be it salary, leave, reimbursements or tax declarations. Our query management team is responsive, caring of relative urgencies and ensure fast resolution of queries.

HR Audits

HR audits are used to assess the compliance of your human resources policies and procedures. They can diagnose issues before they become real problems and help you find the right solutions. But HR compliance audits can be used for more than just defining risk. The Importance of Conducting an HR Audit. Human Resource (HR) Audit is a comprehensive examination of organization's current HR policies, systems, and procedures to evaluate compliance with employment regulations and identify areas for improvement. HR compliance is a process; and there are several rules, laws and acts to consider, such as the Fair Labour practices, sexual harassment, antidiscrimination laws, and more.